disband PIECES


    $385 (FRAMED)

    $385 (FRAMED)

    Disband has opened so I can finally share my pieces.
    No more sneaky peeks.
    Away with the sneaky peeks!

    So, you might have read that the theme of the show was the end of relationships
    to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the break up of The Beatles.
    So all of the artists worked around that idea.

    I went a little bit abstract with it, I guess.
    My two marionette girls are being 'played off' against each other
    by the man with the strings.
    Poor thaaangs.

    Unfortunately none of these little originals found a home last night,
    but the show is still open at aMBUSH Gallery until Sunday.
    For those not in Sydney, they're available to purchase online over at Leeloo.

    Ladies #1 has sold!
    You can find the other pieces for sale here.

    Hope you likey!


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disband PIECES

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