I'm not sure if anyone else was taught about Sadako Sasaki in primary school,
    but I remember we used to sing a song about her, and her paper cranes.
    Sadako was a Japanese girl who developed leukemia
    after the bombing of Hiroshima.
    In Japan, there's an ancient belief that if you create 1000 paper cranes,
    you are able to make a wish.
    Sadako's wish was to get well, and so she started to fold.
    Sadly, she didn't quite get to 1000, and never got to make her wish.
    Her family, however, finished off the paper cranes,
    and buried them with her.
    A monument stands in Hiroshima, dedicated to Sadako,
    and school children, vistors, and well wishers
    leave paper cranes for her every day.

    "This is our cry, this is our prayer
    May the crane of peace fly everywhere."

    I think it's a beautiful story,
    and such a lovely idea, that it inspired this drawing.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned that i'm off to Japan in May?
    I'm so excited to get over there.
    I will definitely pay a visit to Sadako's monument.
    I might even try to make a paper crane out of a print of this drawing?

    Enjoy your weekends.


    Oh my god!
    I literally only just heard the news of the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan.
    I did not mean to be insensitive in any way at all by posting this when I did.
    This is absolutely horrible, and i'm really feeling for everyone right now.
    Be safe.

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