snapshots of LOVE

    Grace + Dominic

    These BEAUTIFUL photographs by Max Wanger
    have me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
    I love love.

    If anyone could ever capture it in an image
    surely Wanger is that someone.

    Joanna + Alex

    I have to say, jumping on a trampoline with your man and a 
    pink balloon is just about the sweetest thing I can think of.

    To see more of Wanger's work click here.


    I think, tonight I will channel my inner lovey dove
    and watch a movie on the couch with my boy.

    The choices are thus:

    Taxi Driver
    Midnight Express

    I haven't seen any of them.
    I think in the spirit of things
    i'll just let HIM choose.


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snapshots of LOVE

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