mossy et TESTINO

    Kate Moss photographed by Mario Testino

    I thought I'd end the week with some
    semi-vintage Mossy and Testino.
    Mario Testino is one of my favourite photographers.
    He manages to take such natural charismatic
    portraits, while still maintaining those luxurious qualities
    we love to see in fashion and celebrity photography.

    (Side-note: I'm not a massive fan of smoking
    but unfortunately for me alot of models, particularly Miss Moss,
    enjoy partaking in the odd ciggie during a shoot.
    So as much as I don't want to promote it,
    i'm also not one to discriminate against an
    amazing image because of it. 
    Just want to be clear on that 'coz I do post alot!)

    Hope you've all had a good week.
    Stay warm this weekend!
    For those outside Aus....lucky you!


    P.S Are any of you awesome (and fluent) enough to be
    able to watch a French film without subtitles?
    Noemi - you don't count!
    I ordered the French version of 
    Love Me if You Dare (Jeaux D'enfants)
    last week because of all the special features.
    It arrived today! Tres Excitement!
    BUT hunfortunately I have no idea
    what anyone's saying in any of the interviews
    as there are no subtitles.
    But I love it so much I bought it anyway!

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mossy et TESTINO

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