Pay it Forward and a New Blog Award


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    Today is a special day, today I get to Pay it Forward. The ever lovely Koralee, of Blue Bird Notes, is making me a treasure and now I get to do the same for five of my charming readers.

    I will send the first five people who comment on this post, saying they want to pay it forward, a little treasure. It will be made with love, and it will be just for you by me.

    I am willing to send my package overseas (I am in the U.S.), but remember, you must commit on your blog to do the same for 5 others.
    • I make no guarantees that you will like what I send you. But you may be pleasantly surprised. It could be a lovely handmade hair bow, a special shrink art pin, a one of kind drawing, a mixed cd, or maybe all of the above.
    • What I send will be just for you, with love, by my own hands.
    • I will complete all 5 gifts this year - 2009.
    • I will not give you any clue what it is going to be, it will be something made in this world, something that you can touch and feel, and not something cyber.
    • In return, all you need to do is post this text on your blog and make 5 things for the first 5 to respond to your blog post.
    • Please leave me your email so I can contact you and get your mailing address.
    Everyone is welcome and it doesn't matter what you hand craft. I guarantee that you will receive something from me providing you do the same for 5 other people in your blog post.

    So, are you willing to Pay it Forward?

    ***Update: Two Spots Left!
    So far, Jamilah, Hanna and MJ will be receiving lovely gifts from me!

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    In other happy news, I was given the Lemonade Stand award from the always delightful Nicola, of Nicola Ticola Ponders.

    For every blog award I receive, I try to choose different bloggers. This time I'm passing the award along to new bloggers that I've recently met. Discovering a new blog, is like discovering a whole new magical world. It's wonderful.

    P.S. My apologies for the silly drawing. With the help of Katrina and Cole, I've just figured out how to make an animated gif and I couldn't resist. :)

    Maria Sig

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Pay it Forward and a New Blog Award

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