I thought this reveal might be a little more exciting but i've
    been talking it up for so long that I think it's lost it's magic.
    But ANYWAY....finally finally finally, after many tragic printer mishaps
    A3 prints are available in my store!
    I have new images that I have been saving especially
    and these will be available in editions of 10 in both A3 and A4 sizes.
    The remaining 8 x 10s will stay in the shop until they sell,
    but once they're gone they'll be gone forever and this new
    system will be here to stay!

    So at the moment there are 3 new prints available as seen above:
    Fendi S/S 10, Come Fly With Me, Christian Dior HC 10

    I'll add more depending on how well they sell.
    So if you would like to buy either fashionista or a babe with a bird


    P.S I'm getting a puppy on Sunday and I thought i'd pre-warn
    that there may be a puppy post on the horizon as she is so
    f-ing cute I just want to squeeze her face off!

    P.P.S Prints are not this contrasty in real life. It's just the photo!
    They look very much like the original illustrations.

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