birdy and me FOR PORTMANS

    I'm a little late in posting about this, as I wasn't sure when exactly
    the windows would be up, BUT it is all out in the open now so huzzah!
    A while ago I collaborated with Australian store Portmans on a series
    of images for their Spring 2010 window and store displays!

    It was SUCH good fun, and an asbolute joy to work with the lovely Sarah
    from Portmans to come up with these images!
    I think it's so exciting and encouraging when large companies
    take an illustrative approach to a new campaign.
    It was also nice to be able to include so much of myself and my own aesthetic
    into the images - hello birdies :)
    I think our visions meshed really well and i'm so happy with how it all turned out.

    These pics are from the Portmans store in Chadstone, Melbourne.
    I love the ribbons - so much pretty.
    If you would like to check the displays out in person, head down to your local
    Portmans store and while you're there you can browse through all of the beautiful
    goodies that the Spring collection has to offer.

    I hope you all like!

    P.S Thanks again for all of your lovely comments on the Cleo article.

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birdy and me FOR PORTMANS

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