Illustrated store window by Nobuhiro Hirasawa
    (Will have to post more of his amazing work!)
    Shinjuku Goyen
    Rockabilly dancers in Harajuku
    (3 groups were going at once it was so good!)
    Hello Kitty smarties at Kiddyland!
    Studio Ghibli Museum, Mitaka
    Coffee from the Straw Hat Cafe, Ghibli Museum
    Hono Bono
    Cranes in Hiroshima Peace Park
    Tenryu-ji Temple, Arashiyama
    Teahouse in Arashiyama
    Deer in Nara. These guys were seriously in love.
    Beautiful canvas bags by Nabe,
    Kyoto Market at Chion-Ji Temple.
    Stall detail, Kyoto Market
    Clay planter, Kyoto Market
    Pink scooter, Gion
    Maiko (Apprentice Geisha), Gion
    Evening view of Disney Sea - BEST PLACE EVER!

    I'm back!
    So here's the obligatory photo overload.
    I took over 1,500 photos so it was hard to whittle them down.
    I could quite easily do one post each on all of the amazing food we ate,
    all of the super cute and pretty things I bought,
    not to mention the general beauty of Japan in general.
    There is literally just so much to do and see,
    and after 2 packed weeks we barely even touched the surface!
    We had the best time, and I have to say i'm almost
    sad to be back home. I've had just over a week to adjust
    and I still feel like I miss it.
    Everything just seems to be 10 x more fun in Japan.

    I almost don't want to mention it, however I think it's
    nice for people to know how things are going over there.
    The Japanese have to be the most resilient, patient, generous,
    polite, and SWEETEST people I have ever met.
    They seem to be picking themselves up and getting on with life
    in the most positive way that they can,
    with a big smile on their faces!
    There are still alot of fundraising efforts to help the people
    affected in the north, so if you'd like to help out in any way,
    please visit the Red Cross here.

    I am SO glad we went ahead with our trip.
    I actually can't wait to go back!

    Please could I ask that you don't re-post these images without permission,
    as they are all our personal memories from our trip.
    But I of course wanted to share some with you! :)
    Thanks x

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