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    Sometimes when you work on commercial illustrations,
    it takes so long for the final product to come out (whatever form that might be)
    that you completely forget about it!
    I worked on this illustration back in March,
    but only just thought to check the website and there it was looking at me :)

    This illo was for a beauty parlour called Blink in the US,
    and I loved working on it so much.
    I was given a really open brief and just a few stylistic notes to work to.
    The client wanted a really classic illustration, almost Audrey Hepburn-esque,
    that would still look contemporary and fresh to appeal to their client base.
    My thought was to go for a really clean, vintage beauty look.
    Full, shaped, eyebrows, well defined eyes and a strong lip.
    And of course, no one can resist a large bushel of pink and red posies!

    I really hope you like it, it's definitely a recent fave.

    If you happen to be reading this from Minnesota -
    then go visit Brook and Christina
    at Blink for some pampering! :)

    Enjoy the weekend everyone x

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blink BEAUTY

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