let's send leeloo to BERLIN!

    Most of you who visit my blog regularly will be familiar
    with Leeloo as they usually tend to be involved whenever I mention
    exhibitions i'm participating in, or some amazing market i'm going to!
    But, for those who don't know, Leeloo is run by Angela and Renee-Anne,
    and what started as an online store has blossomed into a force of creative domination!
    Aside from running the store and market stalls, the girls are constantly
    creating and curating various exhibitions, work as occassional stylists,
    and ALSO run a second store of vintage clothing, called Twin Set.
    Seriously, they do EVERYTHING, and they're amazing at it!

    So, this is where I show you something so super cute you won't be
    able to help falling in love with Ange and Renee.

    The girls are trying to raise funds to get to the Hello Etsy! conference in Berlin
    this September, and they need a little bit of help.
    Trust me when I say that no two people can make better use of the information
    and WADS of inspiration they'll find there.
    It will benefit the Australian indie Art & Design community to no end.
    So please please please watch the vid, and if you think it's cute (which you will)
    click HERE to go to the page the girls have set up for their endeavour.
    Not only will you help them on their way to acheiving their goal,
    but for every various amount you donate you get a little something
    for your trouble; like goodie bags, prints,
    Leeloo store discounts and one off vintage items.
    (Even for as little as $10! Bargain!)


    Image credit: Sean Fennessy

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let's send leeloo to BERLIN!

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