daydream lily X ELEMENT EDEN

    My good friend, and blogger extraordinaire, Liss Winnel
    - who we all know as the gal behind the beautiful blog Daydream Lily -
    has collaborated with Element Eden on her second capsule collection and I LOVE.
    I was beyond excited for her when she worked on her first, but I think i'm even
    more excited about it this time around if it's possible.
    This particular collection is just so absolutely her.
    Those of you that visit her blog regularly will recognise
    alot of the trinkets and furniture in these photos as Liss' own.
    Aside from being over the moon for her,
    I actually LOVE everything in the collection.
    So dreamy.
    (I have my eye on that pink camera which is actually a special collaboration
    between Holga and Element Eden for the Daydream Lily collection.
    I hear Liss' own photographs appear on the box!)

    Watch a super pretty video for the collection below:

    For more info head over to Daydream Lily or Element Eden.
    Clicky Click.

    Model: Christina Rose / Viviens
    Photographer: Ali Mitton
    Stylist: Liss Winnel

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daydream lily X ELEMENT EDEN

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