From dance floor to the recording studio, the debut album by Julianne Hough

    The two-time professional champion of the ABC TV hit show "Dancing With The Stars" Julianne Hough has recently begun to focus on a new talent - singing.

    On May 20, Hough released her self-titled debut album in country music. In the spirit of something that most famous critics Carrie Anne, Len and Bruno (the judges of the series that made her famous) might say, Hough's debut is very good, but there is always room for improvement.

    The best song on the album is probably the first single, "That song in my head", which has all the qualities of a fun song and catchy. Two other songs that really seem to stand out are "My Song Hallelujah" and "About Life" by his sweet voice and outstanding issues, respectively.

    Most tracks are divided into what is a typical music fan might consider the average a little over medium category. However, the songs "You, you, you" and "Jimmy Ray McGee" are two examples of works that seem either overstated or that lack originality and demonstrate the existence of this "room for improvement."

    In general, Hough is like a breath of fresh air. In an industry that glorifies promiscuity and materialism, which is a complete change of pace. Their debut album gives the world of music a refreshing taste of a healthy country style and classic. And if still working on it, you could make a good name for himself as a musician in a similar way as it has done with his skills on the dance floor.

    I'd recommend this album to anyone who is more than a casual fan of country music with a passing interest.

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From dance floor to the recording studio, the debut album by Julianne Hough

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