Keep a lid on it - the trend once and future of men's hats

    Not long ago they were an essential part of any man's wardrobe, and many men will not contract out without him. Then the venerable man's hat faded as times have changed and a new generation of Americans went without him. Now, some experts predict a return style. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: a hat, not only protects the head, which offers a perfect "crowning" touch to your wardrobe.

    The early history of hats

    The art of hat, or the design and crafting of men's hats, dating back almost 500 years in Italy, where seamstresses were responsible for providing a new middle class, with hats, gloves and other small, "haberdashery" factual or created in Milan. In the 1770s, around the same time the United States was the signing of the Declaration of Independence, European couturiers began designing their own styles of hats in France and England.

    In the 19th century, hats were tailored to the individual, and the material and the craftsmanship of a man's hat denoted wealth and status. With the advent of mass production techniques in the second half of the period, thousands of hats were produced in factories, making them available to the working classes.

    Hats in the 20th century: the decline and fade

    Hats remained popular until after World War II, but began to decline in popularity with the changing styles of the 1950s, emphasizing clean lines and simplicity of fashion.

    A popular belief around the tip of the hats of man in America surrounding President John F. Kennedy. According to legend, Kennedy did not like wearing hats and rarely seen wearing one in public. In mania surrounding its popular president, in which men and women, especially the President and copied the styles of the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, hats fallen in popularity and never recovered.

    The most popular men's hats

    Some hats, of course, being more popular than others, in earlier times and today. These hats are:

    - The Fedora: Fact or wide-brimmed felt hot and a deep cleft in the crown or top of the hat. Became more recognizable to modern audiences by Humphrey Bogart and Indiana Jones.

    - The Trilby: similar to Fedora, but with a narrow edge and more compact. Think Sean Connery or Harrison Rex, is a very British, very scholarly introduction looking for (which is to say "hat" in French.)

    - The Derby: Also known as a bowler, the derby is a hard felt crown and rounded wing. Big Alex in A Clockwork Orange to keep the famous bowler hat, if for reasons of accidents. Famous Los Angeles Brown Derby restaurant, built to resemble a giant bowler hat, is now a benchmark of California.

    - The Panama: Straw is so light and the breeze of tropical climates, the straw hat is seen in the photographs of Old Florida and the Caribbean. It is also often seen used for salsa, swing, and samba musicians.

    - The navigator: another straw hat with a hard way and the band of silk around the crown. Commonly used by barbershop quartets.

    - The Top Hat: A large vertical crown and narrow brim. Abraham Lincoln's hat.

    The return

    Like the old-school wrestler who is not completely out of action, hats refuse to do a complete meltdown of the popular style. Some retail chains continue to share at least one nominal selection of hats, caps and felt hats Panama.

    Most large cities also have at least one store dedicated exclusively to hats, and some men's clothing boutiques also the values. And, of course, dozens of Internet stocks to retailers a complete selection of hats, organized for the modern audience and described according to contemporary benchmarks.

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Keep a lid on it - the trend once and future of men's hats

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