History of Rogers, Arkansas

    Rogers, Arkansas is first encountered as a stop in San Francisco and St. Louis Railroad Company. Was used as a shipping point and apples in the rural area used as a shopping center. When the Second World War was over agriculture remains very important, then business leaders led to an effort to bring light industry. Rogers, Arkansas has some big industrial plants and shopping centers is known to be one of the fastest growing cities in Arkansas. In 1830, settlers arrived in the area of ​​Rogers. The currents in this region given the power to the mills and milling. Civil War military camps left a few miles from Rogers. Then, in the year 1862 came the Battle of Pea Ridge, where the mills, barns and houses in the area were destroyed, which in turn devastated the region.

    Residents in the 1870 reconstruction began. Then came the railways during the decade of 1880. The railway stations were established within the route, which in turn began to cities around these stations, and one of these cities was called Rogers. Rogers City had about 600 as its population. Rogers was announced by the railroad across the Midwest and then began to grow. During the late 1800's and early 1900 there were gardens around Rogers. This city's commercial district began a brick, electricity plants, sidewalks, public schools and an opera house. During the 1920s the city grew to a population of three thousand inhabitants. During the Depression, the population growth declined.

    When World War II industries expanded and new plants opened. In 2005, there were many public schools in Rogers including twelve primary schools, private schools and a school. Rogers today's employers Tyson Foods, Manufacturing Alegre Health System and Mercy to name a few. In 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart in Bentonville, Arkansas. This is where many people work today, and for other Wal-Mart suppliers in the area of ​​Arkansas. Places of interest in this area include Hobbs State Park and Beaver Lake. Other attractions include the National Military Park Pea Ridge, Rogers Historical Museum, Museum of Daisy air gun and the Rogers Little Theater. There were some notable residents of this area as a well-known politician named William H. Harvey coins. Tom Morgan was an author known for his stories in the Saturday Evening Post magazine. Betty Blake Rogers who was raised in married and her husband led the race with him Will Rogers is a very famous artist.

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History of Rogers, Arkansas

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