I've never considered myself a portrait artist, those are people who spend years and years at the best art schools. For me, it's something different, something that's been brewing under the surface for over 24 years. My budding interest began at the age of three with my infamous self portraits. Blond hair, red dress, red nails, and red shoes. Of course I didn't own red shoes, nor was I allowed to wear nail polish that young, but my imagination was already working and drawing brought my imaginary world to life.

    Fast forward to the present, where my inspiration arrived from not the color red, but from my beloved pug, Wellington. He is, without a doubt, my muse. I find endless enjoyment in drawing his expressive face with it's many folds and wrinkles while trying to capture his infinite wisdom.


    This blog will be for posting finished portraits, works in progress, and many, many portraits of Wellie.

    Enjoy and stop by often.

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