pics from THE SHOW

    A huge THANKYOU to everyone that turned
    up on Wednesday night to open the show!
    An extra special thanks to those who introduced themselves
    - was so lovely to meet you in person.

    Posted a couple of pics for those who couldn't make it
    and are keen to see how it went.
    We only had one minor framing emergency which
    was soon sorted with a trip to a framer
    early Monday morning!
    So, all in all, it worked out well
    and I couldn't be happier.

    I'm home now and spending the day in my dressing gown
    catching up on Australia's Next Top Model and Gossip Girl.
    I might attack a pile of magazines later this afternoon!
    Definitely time to relax :)


    P.S The show is still up over the weekend
    so if you'd like to pop in, please do!
    If anyone has any questions about either mine or
    Kelly T's work you can contact Sam at the gallery:

    P.P.S Huge thanks go out to NAUSZ and The Taboo Group
    for hooking us up with the beverages!

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pics from THE SHOW

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